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The Aristocats is on Netflix!!! Now to grab my roommates cat to watch it with me! Now if only Munster were here too.

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Yue Ning by Shao Jia for Numero China Magazine (January 2013)

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idk what brought this on but six selfies!! i miss my nose ring :( i was tagged by cuddlecommandos and i’m tagging onederwall dylanheauxbrian peggingwithmalik sleepymouses

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five selfies is the same as six right?

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OK so here are my best 6 selfies of 2014 thingy hahah I was tagged by makala thotbaby annnnnnnddd I basically tag anyone who wants to do this just tag me in it lol so I can see your beautiful selfies!!

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I have too many selfies to choose from so I might be doing a part 2(:

I should type out my dream but I don’t want to be on my laptop

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wait a second
people are mad about Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda cover

i’m wondering where all the “”feminists”” who defended Miley Cyrus’s antics? where yall at?

yall not gonna defend Nicki cause she’s owning her body in a patriarchal society? cause wasn’t that what yall said Miley was doing? or you just like using feminist jargon to sound like you actually care about anyone but yourself/people who look like you??

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I knew that actress picked for Wonder Woman was a piece of shit and not trustworthy. 

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look at mine!!!

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ok hello none of my mutuals are doing this so far but there’s this super-cute thing going around my dash where u post 6 selfies that make u happy and tag 6 people to do the same!!!! so here are my six (as u can see not all of them are “real selfies” but they make me laugh so im putting them here anyway)

and im tagging punkrockbuckybarnes fannyann laxbrocal legalmichael peggingwithmalik andddddddd playingfifa

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top six selfies!! tagged by onehellofabiter

i’m not gonna tag anyone, but if you wanna do it, you can say i tagged u. :*